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Settled among the imposing desert dunes in a verdant palm oasis and just outside the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi, lies the Arabian Nights Village, a venue that promises a unique desert experience.

Arabian Nights History

Our History

Founded in 2012, Arabian Nights presents the intrepid traveler with the opportunity to live for a while just like the desert dwellers of old.

Taste traditional Emirati dishes, take part in a host of spectacular desert activities and enjoy your stay in a magical village that faithfully recreated Emirati houses and dwellings. A once in a lifetime desert experience that offers you tranquility, hospitality, and exclusivity.

Paved walkways through flower beds and palm trees lead you to five qarya (clusters), named after Abu Dhabi’s neighborhoods: Shahama, Baynouna, Remah, Hameem, and Razeen, are our enchanting houses and charming rooms designed to deliver a sublime encounter for your stay.

Arabian Nights Village is also ideal for family vacations and corporate events. Make it a memorable experience by dining in our themed restaurant and enjoying an exciting desert safari! Sit comfortably by the fire with a shisha in one hand and tea or coffee in another. Gaze at the stars while enjoying a night swim in our pool, beneath a palm tree and desert dunes.

Our house is your house. Welcome!

Arabian Nights Hospitality


Arabic culture considers generosity and hospitality to be the highest of virtues. In that spirit, Arabian Nights Village is proud to welcome you as the guest of honor and we are eager to attend to your every need! Our experienced staff will arrange for transport to the village, where you will be welcomed with warmth and kindness! The traditional greeting of fresh cardamom-spiced coffee, sweet dates and the rich fragrance of Bakhoor (incense) blends seamlessly with the modern convenience of five-star hotel service.

Arabian Nights Al Maqam

Al Maqam

As part of the authentic experience, guests are invited to enjoy our International lunch and dinner menu. ‘Al Maqam’ -or gathering place- is where our guests get together to meet and enjoy our delightful recipes! Our lively Arabian atmosphere with the ambiance of the dining hall, terraces with views of desert dunes merged with the aroma of fresh food, live musicians, belly dancers, and henna artists, encapsulates the overall flavor of Al Maqam dining.

Our restaurant also boasts two private dining areas, decorated in traditional themes!

Arabian Nights Location


Arabian Nights Village can be found in the Razeen Area of Al Khatim, outside of the city of Abu Dhabi. 90 km’s away from the city makes its location strategic enough to ensure a soothing, as well as a magnificent getaway! Despite being surrounded by desert, Arabian Nights Village is actually easily accessible between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain highway.

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